CODIXX colorPol® - Polarizer
dichroic glass sheet type polarizer

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common applications

colorPol® polarizer applications

Polarizers are used in a wide range of diverse optical devices to pass or stop polarized light, to modulate or reduce brightness, diminish noises and lots more.

• Optical sensor devices
• Illumination engineering
• Instrument filters for laboratory equipment in microscopy, ellipsometry, spectroscopy
• Photoelasticity, surface inspection
• Fiber related sensors
• Polarization dependent optical isolators
• Optical communications engineering and data storage
• Electro-optical modulators
• High-temperature LC-Displays
• High-temperature LC-Shutters

The colorPol® technology

The new technology is used to create uniformly oriented prolate silver particles near the surface of soda lime glass. Due to the prolate silver particles, absorption of already polarized light occurs and non-polarized light becomes linearly polarized passing the so treated glass. The absorption is selective in reference to the wavelength of light. Beside the standard products, the flexible technology allows producing of customized polarizers with special spectral characteristics.